Forever Barnwood

“New meets old”

When you hear the term “Barnwood”, you think of beautiful aged wood used for many different projects around your home. However, the traditional barnwood that is reclaimed to use in building projects comes with its down sides. Timely process to remove from barns and prepare for its end use makes it a quite costly solution, may contain hazards such as lead from the paint used years ago, formaldehyde, arsenic (from pesticides used years ago around the farm), amongst other natural things over many years of being exposed such as dirt, oil, mold, also hidden nails can be an issue when cutting on the jobsite.

You still want that great look of aged barn wood used in your building project, so what is a practical solution? “Forever Barnwood” is a product using new wood that is carefully processed to mirror the image of beautiful rustic aged wood that comes from 100 year old barns, without removing history from our landscape. Forever Barnwood offers a variety of rustic woodwork products for your home. Products readily available in 2 color choices starting with 2” thick barnwood sliding doors with many design possibilities, wall and ceiling coverings like tongue and groove or ship lap, both products feature one side weathered texture and the opposite side traditional texture to create that look you want,  and dimensional lumber for trim. Many other products available with up to 8 different colors & designs to meet all your needs. Products like post and railing for your stairs, beams for your open ceiling or fireplace mantels and barnwood flooring.

With Forever Barnwood products, your mind is the only thing limiting you to what you can create with all the products offered. Come on over to Country Lumber today to talk with one of our sales people to see what we can do to make your home look distinct from others.