Employee Spotlight: Karen White (Dokk)

I have been with Country Lumber since June 1, 1999. I started as a truck driver and worked my way into the office. I hold the position of Inventory Control Specialist along with other roles such as billing, receiving, sales support, and accounts payable.  My husband Chris and I have 2 children. My hobbies include golfing, fishing, and hanging out with my family.  I am a member of the Clear Lake City Council and also the Sewer Authority Board.


If you are looking to build a new home, a townhome may be a good solution for you.

Let’s start with defining a townhome. Townhomes and condos are similar, but typically with a townhome, you own the piece of land that your home sits on. With a condo, you own the space between the walls, but the exterior elements are held in common.

A homeowner’s association (commonly called an HOA) normally is formed when the buildings are built and takes care of the exterior of your home, provides lawn care, and in our climate, takes care of snow removal. In exchange for these services, you pay dues each month. There may be rules on what you can or cannot do in your yard or to your home. Usually these rules protect you as a homeowner, but do your homework ahead of time to avoid surprises. Read more

Employee Spotlight: Jeff Knutson

I have been part of the Country Lumber family since 1985. I started as a truck driver while I was attending Saint Cloud State. I transferred to Dunwoody to study architectural drafting and estimating. During that time I moved into the office as an estimator and then a part time sales person. After graduation I moved into sales full time. I currently hold the position of President which keeps me busy in many roles from sales to purchasing to overseeing operations. Growing up in Becker it has been a great experience to be able to work for a local company. I currently live in Elk River with my wife Sonja. We have two sons Phillip ( daughter in law Kara) and Connor. I enjoy hunting, fishing, motorcycling, and have recently started kayaking. I like to spend time with my family whenever possible. Country Lumber has always had a family first approach when it comes to their employees. In my opinion the best part of working at Country Lumber is the employees. A great group of dedicated professionals who enjoy what they do while striving to give every customer a good experience.


Stop in for a cup of coffee, or just to visit and see why “ We are not just an ordinary Lumber Company”

Deck Railings

“Beauty Meets Strength”

So, you have your decking picked out for your new deck and now it is time to pick out the railing for it. When choosing, consider strength, distinction, low maintenance, long lasting beauty and a “Made in the USA” innovative company that builds it. This is what you will find when choosing Westbury aluminum railing for your deck project. Here at Country Lumber, we consider all these factors before choosing to stock such a product, and that’s why we chose Westbury to be one of our top deck railing choices, because we know that you, the customer, will be happy and satisfied for years to come with your new deck with Westbury aluminum railings on it. Read more

Employee Spotlight: Pam Robideau

I have worked at Country Lumber as a salesperson since 1990.  I will say I love working here!  In that time, I have seen many changes in the lumber business as well as at Country Lumber.  I am proud to say Country Lumber strives to be the best in the business.  We have a talented group of employees that are dedicated to the happiness of our customers.  Another thing that makes me proud is the desire each employee has to work as a team to make this a fun and rewarding company to work for.  We listen to each other and try to think outside the box when it comes to ways we can improve what we do.  Outside of working for Country Lumber, I enjoy time at home with my two Dachshunds.  They definitely keep me outside taking walks which I very much enjoy.  I look forward to getting some lake time in with my man Gregg.  I hope to do some fishing but I usually end up laying in the sun and let him catch the fish.  I also enjoy time spent with my daughter Leslie!  She owns a home that seems to always be in some repair.  Her and I have tackled many household projects that may have taken longer than normal but we did it!  Please stop in at County Lumber in Becker.  We would be happy to meet you and show you around.


Pam Robideau

Delivery capabilities

Country Lumber is happy to announce that we have added a truck mounted forklift to our fleet. This will increase our efficiency and will allow us to deliver product to more locations. Imagine having your new deck materials delivered to your backyard, next to your work location instead of carrying them by hand from the driveway. We now have this ability with our new truck mounted forklift. It has 4 way directional capabilities so we can also travel through narrow areas to make a delivery.



In addition to the truck mounted forklift Country lumber has updated one of our boom trucks to help serve our customers better. We now have two boom trucks and one truck mounted forklift for specialized delivery service.

Stop in or give us a call for an opportunity to experience first class customer service and a variety of delivery options for your project


Employee Spotlight: Bryant Richards

Bryant Bryant-RichardsRichards

I’ve been at Country Lumber since 2012.

I am married and my wife Kelly is a nurse. We live on Clearwater Lake by Annandale and have two wonderful children, Hannah and Will.

I’ve been in the lumber business for 38yrs. First as a draftsman, then cabinet sales, and finally lumber sales.

I grew up in St. Cloud and graduated from Tech. High School. After that I attended St. Cloud Technical Collage and graduated with an associate degree in Building Construction, Drafting, and estimating.

My favorite things to do outside of work are Skiing, hunting, and fishing.

I like working at Country Lumber because I think we have a great crew. We try really hard to take care of our customers and that makes it fun.

Please come visit us at Country Lumber so we can take care of your building material needs!

I hope to see you soon!

Thanks, Bryant Richards

Things to think about when replacing windows

Colgate Residence - 2013


  • Why are you replacing your windows?

Do you have condensation on the inside of your glass when it gets cold outside?

This is caused by high humidity in the house and not from the windows themselves. When replacing your windows you should also install an air exchanger or adjust your current air changer to take the humidity out of the air. Just replacing the windows will not alleviate the problem.

If you don’t want to install an air exchanger, you should consider windows with a vinyl, fiberglass, or composite interior. This way the condensation won’t damage the windows. You still may need to wipe them dry when it gets cold outside.

Triple glazing is also something to consider. It will cut down on the condensation, but not eliminate it.

If you want the beauty of a stained or painted wood interior, you will need an air exchanger. Read more


Malarkey, Coralville, IowaShingle Blog

We carry 2 lines of shingles here at Country Lumber.
Our preferred line is Malarkey Vista AR. Malarkey Roofing Products as been a family owned business since 1956 operating in Portland, OR. Malarkey is committed to new heights in polymerization and the development of long lasting products.
We currently stock:

Antique Brown
Black Oak
Midnight Black
Natural Wood
Rain Forest
Sienna Blend
Storm Grey
Weathered wood

We also carry TAMKO shingles for a more budget conscious project. Since 1944, TAMKO has headquartered in Joplin, MO and currently has manufacturing and warehouse facilities across the country. Read more




Starting the process of a building project can be very exciting and confusing at the same time. I always get asked where do I begin? What do I need to get started?  Well, the first step is the design and planning of your building project. Whether it’s a garage, deck, remodel, or new home. You will want to get your ideas on paper, so when you start getting bids everyone is on the same page.  Most builders will want to see a scaled drawing. They can start getting bids if they can measure the plans.

When getting started planning your building project, you will want to gather ideas. The internet is a great start. With all the sites out there to choose from there are many ideas available. If you’re not finding what you are looking for, meeting with a Designer/Draftsperson is a great way to get ideas or you may just want to grab some graft paper and sketch something up. All of these are good starting points.

Once you have gathered ideas it’s time to bring your vision to life. Sit down with a Design Professional. Bring all your ideas, pictures, sketches, and notes. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and it’s true when it comes to designing a project.

When choosing a Design Professional look for someone with experience. There are many things that need to be considered when designing a building project, especially with new homes and remodels. Finding someone who has knowledge of construction and space planning is crucial. Anyone can make a house look good on paper, but it is structurally sound?  Are the spaces adequate for how you want to use them?

Do not rush! This is a big deal and in most cases the biggest investment you will make. I’ve seen many times people who are in a hurry, rush through the design process and something gets overlooked. You don’t want to be standing in your new home asking yourself why didn’t I think this through. Take your time and ask questions.

Remember this your project, do what you want as you will be the one living in it. People may say “well I wouldn’t do that” and there are some things you probably shouldn’t do, but again this your project. If there is something that is important to you be sure to mention it to your designer so they can work it in to you project.

A good set of plans will save you headaches down the road!

Design Center