Employee Spotlight: Al

By: Karah Hawkinson, Social Media Coordinator

It’s been a few months since I put up a blog post. We had some issues with the website, and between other priorities and getting someone smarter than me to fix it, it just took time. But it’s all working now, and I’ve even been able to touch up some things on the site!

In the meantime, we brought in a new Yard Foreman/Dispatcher, so it’s time to introduce you to Al!


(That’s him under the beard)

Al and his wife, Melissa, live in Big Lake with their two sons and two dogs. He likes living out here because it’s less congested than the Cities. It’s also a good place for Al’s hobbies, which include hunting, woodworking, welding, and cooking with his smoker – a convenient hobby since smoked BBQ is his favorite food.

His favorite thing about working at Country Lumber has been the people and personalities he works with – both employees and customers. We enjoy working with Al, too (even if he’s not a coffee drinker…)!

Next time you stop in, say hi to Al and welcome him to the team. If you’re lucky, he might show you pictures of some of his gorgeous woodworking projects!